The Government of Eritrea has embarked on major reforms on the educational system. The reforms are consistent with the general government’s policy of 2002 on quality,  access, equity, and relevance of education in the country In line with this, eight new Colleges, offering university level programs were established beginning in 2003. The first of these was the Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) located at Mai Nefhi. The EIT has three colleges, which are the Colleges of Education, Engineering and Technology, and Science. EIT started to admit the first intake of students in January 2004.



EIT aims to train men and women in the Education, Engineering and Technology, and the Science professions to enable them to work as professionals in their respective fields with a level of competence compatible with national, regional, and global requirements.


Aims and Objectives

The Institute aims to produce responsible, competent, and highly cultured graduates.

The main objectives of the Institute are to:

  • Produce scientists and technologists that would contribute to the manpower needs of the country in the various areas of economic and other activities.
  • Produce professional and pedagogic teachers that the evolving   national education system needs; and
  • Engage in scientific and practically oriented research endeavors to contribute to the development needs of the country and for the advancement of knowledge